What is GMO WTF?


An authentic university-level course on GMOs

GMO WTF is, ultimately, one Cornell student's response to the pro-GMO, anti-science propaganda espoused by his university. The primary manifestation of this response is an independent, student-led, expert-backed course on our society's current GMO agriculture venture the science, the policy, the corruption, the broader implications, and more. 

This project was created in direct response to  Cornell's "GMO Debate" course, Cornell's "Alliance for Science" organization, and the more general, systemic trend of pro-industrial GMO agriculture support on campus.

This course will be a hybrid of live sessions at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and online video interviews, lectures, interviews. This project will be free, forever, and will be constantly updated with new developments in the GMO realm -- thus serving as a potent source of independent GMO news. Visit and share often!

GMO WTF!  the Documentary

A feature-length documentary film, with a working title of "GMO WTF!", is currently in production. There are several great films on the follies of the GMO agriculture venture. In fact, the name of this meta-project is a nod to Jeremy Seifert's fantastic film "GMO OMG". When one typically learns more and more of our current GMO paradigm, they quickly move from "OMG" to "WTF" in their reaction. "GMO WTF!" intends to capture this sentiment.

What makes this film different is a focus on academic corruption, conflicts of interest, and a deeper look at the science of genetic engineering. Viable "alternatives" of GMO agriculture will also be enthusiastically showcased. This will not be a beginner or introduction to GMOs, but rather a call to action, awareness, and awakening. We know enough about GMO foods to demand shifts in academia, policy, and regulation. "GMO WTF!" will lead the way. 


Student Activism

GMO WTF is, by design, a permanent and constantly updated resource on genetic engineering. GMO WTF is also an organizational hub of student-led activism. The center of this activism is in Ithaca, NY, the home of Cornell University, with a clear goal of a Monsanto-free Cornell

Plans are in place to expand GMO WTF across the USA and world. Several prominent universities have become extensions of nefarious anti-science biotech corporations such as Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, and others. These universities include, but are not limited to: Cornell University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UCLA, University of Florida Gainesville, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa, Mississippi State University. This disturbing subversion of academic and scientific integrity needs to end.