The Fall '16, independent GMO lecture series at Cornell University:


The first lecture was on September 7th, 2016. I called it "The GMO Debate at Cornell University: A Student's Experience".

I (Robert Schooler) presented this one, to kick off the course, with an assist from a pre-recorded video from Frances Moore Lappé!

First, I go over the present state of propaganda-academia at Cornell University, particularly regarding GMOs and agriculture. I experienced this firsthand in 2015 in Cornell's "GMO Debate Course".

Then, I discuss some issues I see with industrial agriculture playing the leading role in climate change and GHG emissions. Notably, GMO commodity crops fed to animals represents the largest system of environmental destruction humanity has created yet!


Here is the stand-alone video of Frances, included in the complete first lecture on the left. Share widely!

Frances discusses GMOs, but only after setting the context of the current agricultural problems we face today. Currently, an unacceptable percentage of the global population experiences starvation, malnutrition, and poverty. The solutions to these problems aren't to be found with GMO quick fixes, but an entire paradigm shift of agricultural science and economics. Her book World Hunger: 10 Myths goes into much greater detail of these complex topics.

Her life's mission has been to educate people on the true sources of world hunger and poverty, and I consider her a personal hero of mine! Thank you Frances for contributing to this course.


Steven Druker's first amazing lecture was on September 14th, 2016, on "How the GMO food venture has been chronically dependent on deception".

He discusses at length some key undisclosed history of the genetically engineered food venture we find ourselves in.

Specifically, he goes in-depth on some troubling FDA collusion that was used to pass GMOs onto the market illegally, and against the recommendation of several internal FDA scientists. 

His book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth goes into much greater detail of this account.


Steven Druker's second lecture was presented on September 21st, 2016 at Cornell University, titled "Why 'Bioengineering' is really Biohacking".

This talk was dedicated to comparing two distinct fields: genetic engineering and computer software engineering.

Steven asserts that, when compared to the rigorous standards applied to life-critical software engineering, genetic engineering is essentially a "hack-job".

Although biological life and molecular genetics are intrinsically and exponentially more complex than comparably simple man-made software systems, genetic engineers have applied their work with much less care, rigor, and scientific integrity.

Again, his book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth goes in-depth on this fascinating comparison.


Apologies for our technical difficulties during the recording of this lecture! It's just slides and some less-than-perfect audio, but Allison does a fantastic job.

This lecture describes how to make a GMO, and why the genetic engineering process used to make a GMO matters to risk assessment and to understanding the hazards of GMOs.

Allison Wilson PhD is science director at the Bioscience Resource Project, and an expert in then unintended effects of genetic engineering!


Here is the amazing Q/A from Allison's lecture! Apologies for the separate video clips, Allison got the short end of the stick with technical difficulties this evening! The quality content shines through, however!

Of particular interest to me is the discussion on reductionist applications of GM technology in agriculture, compared with more holistic approaches to the craft. Our audience is so great, I love and appreciate all the fantastic comments and questions!


The fifth installment of the lecture series was a riveting panel discussion, on October 5th, 2016. This was supposed to be a debate, but no GMO proponents from Cornell showed up!

Topics include the regulatory and policy side of GMOs, horizontal gene transfer, agroecology, GMO efficacy, and much more!

Michael Hansen PhD is senior scientist at Consumers Union. He has worked on biotech policy at the state, national, and international level for over 30 years - before GMOs were even introduced!

Jonathan Latham PhD is a geneticist, virologist, and director of the Bioscience Resource Project. He is also chief editor at Independent Science News, which originally published my viral article documenting the Cornell-GMO propaganda push!


Week six! 

First in a two part lecture by Jonathan Latham PhD. This incredible talk goes in-depth on the complex ramifications of using herbicide-tolerant GMO crops.

This information blew me away. I sure hope Cornell agriculture comes to their senses, and stands against the use of glyphosate and herbicide-tolerant GMOs.


Installment two of Jonathan's series!

Insecticidal Bt crops are having an enormous environmental impact in today's world. Some truly comprehensive information in this lecture. Thank you Jonathan!


The question and answer session for Jonathan's lecture on insecticidal GMOs.